We have lots of Units to find your FUN!

Suez is made up of many different people and interests. Many members have formed various "clubs" or "groups" that specialize in certain areas of interest, such as clown units, band units, golfers, RVr's, Go-Karters, Pistol Shooters, just to name a few. Some of these units compete with other Shrine Centers through out Texas and /or they gather frequently to participate and practice in their specific areas. There are lots of activities and there certainly is something for everyone, so get involved with one or more, or even start up a new one! Activities range from 1/2 day events, to a week or more, in locations well known and some that you may have to take a back road or two. Through out the year, different units have different functions, so there is ALWAYS something going on. Be sure to find a few you like, and JOIN IN!

Some units meet monthly to practice or discuss event planning or they may be just visiting each other. The men and ladies of these units are the heartbeat of SUEZ. If you have a special interest that you feel others may also enjoy, feel free to try to start one up!

Most of our units are active in parades and other activities throughout the surrounding areas.

We have something for everyone no matter where you live in West Texas.

Units in Your Area:

Abilene Klowns - Abilene, TX

Abilene Klowns2

A big Thank You goes out to Dianne & Rick “Snuffy” Jones, McElroy Metals and Metal Mart in Clyde for their large donation to the Abilene Klown Unit. The money will be used to fix up the Model Ts carts. JB “Jellybean” Cloud received donations of extra clown makeup cases for anybody that needs one. The extras will be stocked and given to new Klowns that join. The next parade that we have on the schedule is the Western Heritage Classic Parade in Abilene on May 11th at 6:30pm. Thank you to our Donors, Clyde Feed Store, Hamilton Supply, Abilene Filtration Specialists, Mrs Betty Johnson, Damon Albus & 5D Custom Hats & Leather and NAPA Auto Parts in Abilene. Bobby “Weasel” Holland weasel1258@yahoo.com

Provost Guard - San Angelo, Tx

Provost Guard

The Suez Provost Guard competed at Mid-Winter in Corpus Christi March 25th. Suez won 2nd in a Class, Sammy Stewart won High Point Over 70, Harvey Kaase won High Point Open and Tammy Shanks won 2nd in the Women’s Division. We still need more shooters. The Provost Guard will attend the next competition on June 16th at TSA in Waco. Rick Jones is considering running for a spot on the State Provost Guard Line and Abilene could be hosting a State Shoot in 2018. Shooting enthusiasts of all levels are encouraged to participate. If interested, call Provost Marshall Rick Jones at 325-260-7885.

Directors Staff - San Angelo, TX

Directors Staff

The Directors Staff helps Suez, it’s members and the Divan put on Ceremonials and make new Shriners. We haul a trailer around with all of our gear, wear the cool red coverall and have the Directors Staff Badge on our fez. We also come up with new fun things to add to our Ceremonials and for competition at TSA. We would love to have you be a part of the fun.

Greeters - San Angelo, TX


Some of our Greeters rolled out the Suez Fire Truck for the San Angelo Rodeo Parade and we ended up winning 3rd Place for Antique Vehicle. We didn’t even know that there was a competition. This is just one of the many things that we can do. We hold the door and greet those that attend our Stated meetings and Club Socials. Come down to a Stated Meeting and ask about joining the Greeters.

Nolan County Fire Brigade - Sweetwater, Tx

Nolan County Fire

A big thanks goes out to Joel, Josh and all of the boys in Nolan County that are really doing a great job. We have a few carts and Tin Lizzies that we have been working on and building and there is also the Fire Truck. We love to take them out, show them off and ride them in parades and feature them at events. You don’t have to live in Sweetwater or Nolan County to be a part of the fun, just look us up and give us a call. If you have spare time and would like to get more active, we would love to have you be a part of this new unit.